Kristiana Bardsnes

Freelance photographer inspired by the beauty of the South Coast


Born raised in the lower mainland, surrounded by beautiful places in every direction, I always had a passion for our dramatic landscapes and rich nature. As a kid I always had a camera with me, whether I was recording videos with friends or taking pictures of everything and anything. I was lucky enough to have family all over BC and spent most of my life road tripping and camping in some of the most beautiful places on weekends and holidays. I went to school for Environmental Science and Biology but always continued to pursue my passion of photography on the side. I am so mesmerized by a fiery sunset or the reflection of a calm alpine lake, I can't help but to try to freeze those moments in time. While landscape photography is what I enjoy for me, I also love capturing people in photographs. Throughout my life I have always been that friend or cousin that is asked to take photos for an event or milestone. I love doing creative shoots or simply just showcasing the beauty in everyone through a photo. I recently have started shooting film as well and have fallen in love with the process and the surprise you get when a roll is developed.